Keytouch have developed the following cards, which can be integrated in your system. They have both passed IEC 60945 marine requirements and are available for everyone to buy.

Joystick USB-encoder

Joystick Encoder Card


Designed to convert analogue signals from Joysticks, Levers, Handles etc into USB.

    • 8 analogue inputs 0-5V
    • 15 digital inputs 0-5V
    • USB-interface
    • Appears in Windows as a gaming device
    • Tested according to IEC 60945
    • Enclosure for DIN-rail mount available

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PN: 68110015


Button matrix & trackball USB-encoder

Keyboard-Trackball Encoder card

Keytouch can design a membrane-panel which will work with this card, allowing your custom product a USB-interface without having the cost for electronic-development & testing.

    • Up to 154 buttons
    • Trackball input
    • Dimmable LED-backlight output
    • USB-interface
    • Appears in windows as keyboard & mouse
    • Tested according to IEC 60945

Product Flyer

PN: 68110398 

Generic interface card for Operating Panels

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The solution have a lot of inputs/outputs, so they can function as a hub in your system, allowing not only the panel signals to access the system, but also several other digital and analogue in/outputs. The cards include a microcontroller, which all signals is routed through and can be configured to your needs

• Connectors for panel with up to 17 buttons, 46 LEDs and elfilm for backlight
• Socket for AnyBus Compact COM module, which is available with several interfaces
• 16 isolated digital inputs
• 16 isolated digital outputs
• Interface for analogue HMI device (joystick/lever etc.) with 3 axis and backlight
• 4x analogue outputs 4-20mA
• 2x analogue inputs +/-10V
• Supplied from 24V
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