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Rugged keyboards for the toughest applications

In defence applications where hardware failure is not an option, we provide a trouble-free solution to meet your needs. With more than 30 years of experience customizing products for defence customers around the globe; we customize keyboards for tablets, wearable keyboards, base camps, those used in vehicles, helicopters, ships, aircraft and more. We understand that the most important demands are mobility and durability. In addition to being rugged and resistant to environmental contaminants, the keyboards are available with the convenience of multiple LED backlight colours, including NVIS-compatible options, to ensure effective operability day or night.

Rugged tablet & laptop solutions

The rugged keyboards are the ideal choice to pair with a rugged tablet or laptop. Our keyboards are sealed up to NEMA 4X and IP 68 specifications and can be easily cleaned to ensure effective operation. Our keyboards have excellent EMI and ESD performance characteristics, including 200volts/meter, 25 kV ESD, and MIL-STD-461-RS103.


We can work with you to develop the perfect keyboard for your needs. We can easily change function keys, levels of backlighting and LED backlit colours, including NVIS-compatibility. We can design for operability both day and night. We can customize any solution for key functionality, pointing devices, mounting holes, cable connectors and more.

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