LED backlight

Keytouch designs and manufactures front panels, membrane switches and
electro mechanical operating panels with embedded LED backlight.

Advantages of LED backlight:

  • Very long operation life
  • Multi-color available
  • No EMC-noise (when operated from DC)
  • Thickness < 1 mm
  • Light weight
  • Flexible
  • Dimming available
  • Luminary buttons, text, frames, logos etc.


LEDs are mounted onto a polyester foil with conductive silver tracks or a PCB integrated in the panel. Resistors/diodes/transistors/IC’s
can be mounted into the circuit, so only a single DC source is needed to power the backlight.

The backlight can be designed without requirement of controller card, only power, or it can be designed to fit the Outputs on your controller/PCB.
Keytouch can simulate the placement of each LED, to distribute the light as evenly as possible.

Controller card

Keytouch can develop a controller card with integrated LED control and dimming, which can interface your system.

Technical Data

Power consumption





(using PWM)

Datasheet LED backlight