Laser cutting and punching services

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Keytouch offers laser cutting and punching services of various plastic materials.



Based on customer provided files we can process different plastic materials and manufacture high quality products.
The majority of processed materials are various plastics e.g. acrylic, polyester, silicone and polycarbonate.

Modern laser technology enables very accurate cutting and small, complicated shapes and details are cut with ease.
Using laser cutting instead of more traditional manual cutting devices, the products are presented with a clearer cut
and edges with high quality surface finish. Laser cutting is also more effective on light and sensitive materials.

Plastics can be cut in sizes up to 1800×1200 mm in thicknesses up to 12 mm. The materials can be printed on both sides
and engraved according to customer specified patterns.


Typical laser cut products are various sales promotion materials and design elements, but also industrial semi-finished products like gaskets etc.

We also provide gluing, sealing and dispensing of various materials.

Technical data

Materials Acrylic, polyester, silicone, polycarbonate
Format 1800 x 1200 mm
Thickness ≤ 12 mm
Print files Dxf, closed polyline
Print Silk-screen printing
Engraving Yes