Development, design and manufacturing.

Keytouch has wide experience designing operatingpanels with various communication-interfaces.

Industrial bus

  • ProfiBUS
  • ProfiNET
  • CANopen
  • DeviceNet
  • Modbus-TCP
  • Ethernet/IP

Operator panel connected to PC or PLC

  • USB – Keyboard w/custom key-codes/sequences & Cursor-movement
  • LAN or Dual LAN for redundancy
  • WiFi
  • Serial (RS232, 422, 485)
  • Radio-Link
  • Direct IO, all signals hardwired


Keytouch have a few ready-to-use USB encoder-cards available for sale. One with analogue inputs for Joysticks and one for keyboard/trackball encoding.

If you cannot use any of those, we are happy to develop a custom PCB for you!