Silicone rubber keypads


Keytouch designs silicone rubber keypads tailored to customer requirements. These keypads can be integrated into membrane switches or operator panels.

Silicone rubber keypads enable a high degree of freedom in the design of customized operator panels. The rubber, symbols, and text can be produced in any color. The keys can be produced in a range of movement characteristics and pressure resistances.

Electrical solution

The silicone rubber keypads can be delivered with carbon that are vulcanized on the rear side of the keys, enabling direct contact with the printed circuit board. Alternatively, the silicone rubber keypads can be used to cover membrane switches containing metal domes.


The backlight series is built on transparent silicone with a color coating where symbols and text are made visible by either laser etching or chemical erosion. Lighting on the rear side of the keypad will make all symbols and text visible in the dark. Various colors are possible and the backlight series is always combined with Duracoating.

4button Silicone


The keypads are available in a range of coatings, providing increased abrasion and solvent resistance.

  • Duracoating:
    • Protects key top printing
    • Excellent abrasion resistance
    • Oil and solvent resistance
    • Gloss or matte surface
  • Encap:
    • Liquid polymer is applied to the keypad, which provides a clear, rigid, simulated plastic finish on rubber key tops that protects the key top printing and highlights the buttons. Encap is available in gloss and matte finish.
  • Plastic key top:
    • Silicone rubber keypads are also available with molded plastic key tops. Plastic key tops combine all advantages of silicone rubber and plastic keypads together.

Data sheet Silicone-rubber-keypads