Membrane push buttons

Development, design and manufacturing from A to Z.

Keytouch has developed a membrane push button named KeyTOP.

The button combines certain qualities found in the traditional mechanical
push button with all the qualities found in a membrane switch.

The KeyTOP is a raised button with superior mechanical travel and pressure sensitivity.
The push button is available in various shapes, sizes, and layouts, with a choice of compressive force ranging from very low to very high pressure. You can also have backlight in the button, using Elfilm or LED.

KeyTOP can be designed with either fixed or exchangeable text.

With KeyTOP the product is given an exclusive appearance while at the same time enhancing user satisfaction.
The push button provides the user with a very satisfying new experience when operating a membrane switch.


  • Waterproof
  • Backlight
  • Indicator lamp
  • Exchangeable text
  • Various shapes and sizes

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