Standard marine panels


    • Tested according to IEC 60945

    • Ready for use with ECDIS and other marine systems

    • USB 2.0 interface

    • Silicone buttons, which gives a soft and light feeling when operating

    • Red LED-backlight, dimable

    • 50mm trackball, removable for easy cleaning

The Keytouch keyboard series has been developed to meet the requirements from International Maritime Organization (IMO) from 2012, which requires also smaller, new vessels to use ECDIS navigation systems.

The panels can also be delivered with custom logo and F-key texts.

Product data sheets:

NEW– Upgraded version of IEC60945 family panels

This upgraded version has options with input from other systems. With alarm indications and acknowledge buttons. Although our earlier design is still valid, and  used by many customers, we can offert this upgraded version for:

    • QWERTY and Trackball panel
    • Functional and Trackball panel
    • Knob panel
    • Joystick panel

The panels can also be delivered with custom logo, button text and special programmed buttons

Datasheet IEC60945 panels new design