Engineering services

Development, design and manufacturing from A to Z.

We will gladly assist you in developing your product!

Areas of expertise

We have a lot of experience making an idea into volume production, as we learn something new in every project. So we have a large knowledge base since our startup in 1988 and can use this know-how to achieve a good final product!

We mostly have experience from various projects within military, maritime & industrial segment. Especially within HMI-type of products, but also with electronics, wiring, software & mechanics in the same environment.

Please check out all the different technologies we are familiar with!

Main process

We can assist you in the full process or parts of it.

  1.  Specifications
    • Finding the optimal solution for all requirements in cooperation with the customer
  2. Development
    • Electronics & wiring
    • 3D modelling & mechanical drawings
    • Membrane & graphical design
    • Software & interface protocol
  3. Prototype & test
    • Verifying that all requirements are fulfilled
    • Test equipment
    • Debugging
  4. Qualification testing
    • EMC
    • Environmental
    • Full test-report for classification societies (DNV-GL, Lloyds etc)
  5. Industrialization
    • Optimizing processes for best possible quality/price level for volume production
    • Resolving all issues from prototype, debugging & qualification testing
  6. Volume production

CAD tools

Autodesk Inventor

Inventor screenshot

  • 3D-modeling
  • Mechanical parts
  • 2D drawings
  • Assembly drawings

Zuken Cadstar

Cadstar screenshot

  • PCB development
    • Schematics
    • PCB layout
    • BOM, Gerber & Drawings
  • Flex & Membranepanel layout

Autodesk Autocad

Autocad screenshot

  • Membrane products
    • Graphical design
    • Lasercutting files

Quality Assurance

An important part of our routine is the use of checklists. These improves the process a lot:

  • Reduce design-errors and better chance of fully working prototype
  • Avoid easy-to-forget errors
  • Improve yield in production

We have one list for each field of expertise, which must be filled out and archived before the design is approved.

Our development routines have repeatedly been revised by demanding customers like Thales, Kongsberg Defence, Saab etc.

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