Membrane switches

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Keytouch develops and manufactures membrane switches tailored to customer requirements.

The membrane switch is a flexible, space-saving, very reliable, and enduring solution. It can withstand rough treatment in harsh environments. The panels are easily installed on the final product.

We offer two types of membrane switches; one with a metal dome installed, which provides a tactile response, and one without a dome.

Light emitting diodes (LED) and backlighting with electroluminescent lamps can be integrated into the panels along with electronic shielding.

A membrane switch maintains all the qualities of front panels, which are described below.

The membrane switch is composed of two principal laminates:

  • A film imprinted on a circuit of electric conductive paste (flexible printed circuit board).
  • A graphic front layer which gives a professional and appealing look.

Dome panel

A metal dome is laminated in the panel, which gives a tactile response. This solution provides the user with positive feedback.

Technical data

  • Thickness starting at 0.6 mm
  • Number of metal dome operation > 1 million.
  • Compressive force 1.5 N – 9 N.
  • Temperature area -55 to +85 ˚C
  • Maximum voltage is 50 V
  • Maximum current is 100 mA