Standard Marine Silicone Keyboard IEC 60945

Standard Marine Silicone Keyboard IEC 60945

Standard Silicone Marine Keyboard IEC60945

A success story!

Keytouch Technology is extremely proud to announce that our new and improved standard keyboard has passed the stringent tests leading to the IEC 60945 approval. Without any remarks. On the first attempt.

We honour our engineers and production staff for their skills and craftsmanship culminating in this extraordinary feat: Thank you!

By doing this, they loudly express what you can expect from Keytouch Technology: We are in front!

The new combo keyboard is suited for most applications, and works very well with systems like ECDIS. For more information and data sheets on the new keyboard series from Keytouch, go to this page.

Please feel free to contact us for more information, quotes or requests for custom built keyboards for your maritime project. You can find our contact information here.