Soft Touch – like industrial velvet

Soft Touch – like industrial velvet

Keytouch is constantly evolving, looking for improvements in all our areas of expertise and interest. One of the latest additions in our development is the use of Soft Touch surfaces on front panels.

A front panel is just a front panel, right? Wrong!

At Keytouch Technology, we strive to expand our perception of what is, and what is not. Yet.

This is the reason for bringing Soft Touch to our market of mainly maritime, miltary and medical customers. The material is made of the same polyester base as all our overlays. This makes it just as strong and chemical resistant as the other overlay materials we use. The big news is the surface, the touch, the Soft Touch.

Soft to the touch, it gives an immediate feeling of high quality. The velvety surface interacts with the skin in a very pleasant way, adding to the tactile notion of human connection. Man meets machine. In a humane way. It can’t be described, it can only be experienced.

The Soft Touch overlay can be screen printed and embossed like the other overlays we use. This makes the material very flexible in application, and can be used in nearly any installation with a front overlay you can imagine. Combining print, LEDs, embossing and laser cutting gives us a unique freedom to create  that special, cutting edge practical expressions you want, for long lasting use.